Julie Slumbers

Worthing, 07854207447

I am an integrative therapist working from a central Worthing location with easy, free parking.

I work with clients who suffer from many symptoms. Sometimes we seem to go around and around experiencing the same problems without knowing why. Counselling can help us understand why we have difficulties and overcome the resulting turmoil.

Relationships can be hard to manage and it can be difficult to change habits and behaviours which perhaps worked well in the past but are now keeping us trapped, or wonder why we find ourselves in unsatisfying relationships which do not give us what we need.

Whatever is causing you to feel unhappy it is worth considering counselling as a long term solution. It can feel a relief just to have someone to talk to without fear of consequences.

If you would like to arrange an initial appointment you can either email, text or phone me. The first appointment is an opportunity to meet and discuss your needs and explore what seems to be the best way forward.