Counsellors in Sussex

Many people seek counselling therapy for a variety of reasons. Life is full of challenges, some we are born with, and some are the result of mistakes, wrong turns, accidents, and people often need support for stress, dealing with regrets, help in deciding what to do next, or a wide variety of other mental health or emotional issues. 

Do you need immediate help from a Counsellor? An initial free telephone discussion is available by contacting Counselling4You.  If you are in the Eastbourne area, contact Claire Duursma for more advice and help about our services.

Why is it that some people seem to cope with difficult or stressful situations well, whereas in the same circumstances others are left at rock bottom? If you're stressed or worried there is a healthy way to deal with your feelings and restore your confidence so you don't have to live with failure, or feel defeated by circumstances. There are many trained Therapists and Counsellors in Sussex available to help you.

Unpacking and discussing your issues with a professional counsellor is the best way to offload and know that your problems remain confidential and find a way through to the answers.  If you live in Sussex and are looking for trained counsellors to help you, please browse our pages to find what you need.

Do you need Counselling?

You may be seeking counselling after a sudden crisis, or you may wish to deal with long term issues from your past. Counsellors in Sussex are happy to help you overcome an addiction or perhaps to cope with depression. Sometimes people seek counselling to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again and people are all individuals; no two people's problems are the same.  There are many counsellors in Sussex on these pages who are qualified, experienced, ready and willing to help you.

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Are You a Counsellor?

It's important when people choose a counsellor that they find someone with whom they sense empathy, as the right partnership between you and your counsellor will often determine the success of the treatment.  If you are a qualifed Counsellor in Sussex who would like your details to appear on this site, please contact us.

Counselling in Sussex

These pages offer a choice of different counsellors and therapies available in Sussex.  

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"I was able to talk about anything to tmy counsellor - she never seemed surprised by anything I said and I never felt stupid."
"I was able to deal with deep problems of lack of self worth, the counsellor helped me to see that I was valued by people I had not even considered, I was so focussed on what my mother's view of me had been - which was largely coloured by her own past."

If you are a registered Counsellor in Sussex who would like to join our Directory, please contact us.